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We are Volunteers

The Joomla! Core Team consists of volunteer developers, designers, administrators and managers who, together with a large range of Work Groups of dedicated community members have taken Joomla! to new heights in its relatively short life. This well-oiled machine is often copied but never surpassed. Joomla! has some wonderfully talented people taking Open Source concepts to the forefront of industry standards. Joomla! 1.5 is a major leap forward and represents the most exciting Joomla! release in the history of the project.

The project has a nice balance of legacy development from well-known coders such as Andrew Eddie (who pioneered Mambo's early success) to some young guns like Johan Janssens and Louis Landry. This dynamic trio has been further strengthening the project by bringing in new talent. In open source development people joke about the 'bus' factor. Projects which don't have coding 'spread' are considered less sound should their single lead developer get hit by a bus.




Kilómetro 6 vía Paipa    
Teléfono 3214532992
Celmira Moreno López

Lunes a Viernes  08:am 01:pm  02:pm 04:30 pm          




Calle 10 Cra 3A
Teléfono 7540369 Cel 3176488700
Jennifer Carolina Solano Salazar

Lunes a Viernes  08:am 11:30am  02:pm 04:30pm          




Calle 3 No. 5 - 17
Télefono 7331794 Cel 3162372192
Wilmar Andres Martínez Ibañez

Lunes a Viernes  08:am 12:m  02:pm 05:pm          




Calle 20 No. 2 06
Teléfono 7282682 Celular  3176400082
Genny Quiroga Garcia

Lunes a Viernes  08:am 12:m  02:pm 05:pm          



Calle 4 Con Cra 10
Teléfono 7773019 Celular 3176366101
Andrea Milena Alarcón López

Lunes a Viernes  08:am 1:pm  02:pm 05:pm          

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